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Meet Barbara

Being an advocate towards mindful and conscious living, Barbara, now a yoga instructor, discussed her journey of Becoming with us. Starting out in a hectic urban environment before switching careers, she shares the words that helped her on her journey to finding herself.


To Barbara, this campaign means to encourage the removal of judgmental filters from our head and to see people for their human values, as they are. Her personal mantras ‘self-reflection’, ‘non-possessiveness’ and ‘service to others’, are those that she hopes will help others on their path to find their true potential.

"My self-transformation journey is beautiful, radiant and worthy. I honor the goddess in me by rising everyday to create the life of
my choosing"

- An affirmation inspired by the Asteria Goddess Gold Necklace, worn by Barbara

Discover Barbara's jewels

Barbara wears the Give It Time Gold Necklace and Asteria Goddess Gold Necklace

Give It Time Gold Mantra Toggle Necklace

The Give It Time Gold Mantra Toggle Necklace features a toggle design on a mismatched necklace chain, giving this piece a slightly edgy look. The mantra ‘Give it time’ is etched on one side of the pendant and ‘Give it space’ is etched on the pendant’s other side. The pendant is hand painted in a pretty sky blue shade, inspired by the blue of the vast blue skies, taking the time you need to pace yourself, one step at a time.


Asteria Goddess Gold Necklace

Asteria is the goddess of falling stars. Like the stars, her beauty was said to be radiant. The Asteria Goddess Gold Necklace features a circular pendant with the Asteria goddess in its centre, and a falling star enamel hand painting surrounding the pendant. Wear the Asteria Goddess Necklace as a reminder of self transformation and to rise to a better tomorrow.