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Let us take care of all your piercing and personalization needs!


Start the curated ear stack of your dreams! Any time is a good time to pierce at a Wanderlust + Co store. Just walk in!

All piercings are done with a “touch-free” device that’s safe, hygienic and virtually pain-free.

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Permanent Jewelry

The perfect forever gift now exists! No better way to commemorate lasting friendships and relationships than a seamless bracelet.

Available for walk-ins at selected stores!

Welding Guide here

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Keep it personal and make it yours with our range of 14K gold vermeil engravable jewelry. Gift yourself and your loved ones a personalized pendant necklace or ring - the perfect mementos to keep close for years to come.


Custom Jewelry

A timeless personalized piece. Gift yourself or your loved ones a classic custom nameplate necklace or bracelet, crafted from a choice of solid gold, 18K gold vermeil or sterling silver, and available in multiple style options.


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