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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We believe that beauty is not only in the end product, but also in the journey of making.

Jewels Kind To Your Skin & The Planet

Our promise to our customers, the planet and our makers, is to continuously improve the manufacturing process in a sustainably-conscious manner.

Growing Together

Our goal is to continue to create with care in the years to come. We hope that our thoughtful vision will flow through everything we do, as we continue to make conscious decisions from packaging, energy consumption, to tracing our supply chain, implementing a sustainable mindset, and questioning our overall impact. This growth mindset outlook is part of our mission to continuously improve why we do what we do here at Wanderlust + Co.

Designed with Integrity and Kindness

Our Journey Starts Here

Our earliest steps towards improving sustainability and reducing energy consumption started right here at #WCOhq. Our team has been working on switching out to fully recyclable packaging and reducing our carbon footprint in all our processes - starting from production and diving all the way down to logistics.

In our head office, we only use low energy consuming LED lights. Our team uses reusable coffee cups for our morning coffee runs and containers for take outs. Small steps to inspire and serve as a daily reminder to ourselves and the community, to fulfill a bigger purpose in keeping our promise to the planet and people.