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Designed with integrity and kindness, the demi-fine collection reinterprets our bestsellers into vermeil classics for your everyday wear. Consciously crafted by a select group of five artisans, each piece is made with 925 sterling silver bases, 1- 2.5 microns thick 14K gold vermeil, studded with semi-precious gemstones, and e-coated for extra lustre and shine.


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9 friends of the brand share their #30daysofWCO. Hear their real-life stories and how these demi-fine pieces fit into their everyday lives.



mummy / social entrepreneur

“Juggling between motherhood and my own business, the Starlit necklace has been my go-to piece ever since I got it. It’s dainty and lightweight, and I love how it elevates my look.”


PR agency girlboss

“I have sensitive skin...but I love the fact that I can wear my demi-fine necklace with comfort for days! Plus, these luxe pieces are so affordable, I can layer up whenever I want.“