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Found: A Collection of Wonder and Discovery ☁️

Found: A Collection of Wonder and Discovery ☁️

As the year comes to an end, we begin anew. We’re ending 2023 with Found; a collection that reflects the challenges we faced and the triumphs of the past year, and is a testament to the power of wonder and discovery. This collection is to honor and celebrate one's journey of self-discovery - embracing all the ups and downs, lost and founds.

Our founder, Jenn Low shares “Instead of going about our days in a hurry, without pausing to take in the joy in the little things, Found explores the idea of romanticizing the simple things, and spotlights the idea that everything we need has been found within us all along”.

The pieces of the Found collection are designed to evoke feelings of nostalgia and romanticize the simplest of things from pasta, puzzle, and luggage pendants, to Lunar New Year designs that hold many whimsical surprises you can’t help but smile at and guaranteed conversation starters.

Keep scrolling to find your new favorite pieces and discover the surprises each of them holds - all designed to bring joy and nostalgic warmth in celebration of your unique journey.

About The Collection:

Found Luggage Gold Necklace

Keep moving forward with our Found Luggage Gold Necklace. Wear this piece as a reminder of how far we’ve come to get this far in life and be grateful for the journey that’s coming our way. The Found Luggage Gold Necklace features a petite harper chain, along with the inscription of ‘lost and found’ engraved inside the locket, and features tiny wheels that actually spin!

Bow Tie Pasta Gold Necklace

Don’t shy away from your love for carbs! The Bow Tie Pasta Gold Necklace is a uniquely crafted necklace that features sleek yet adorable ridges to complete its bow tie look. This 14K gold gilt piece doesn’t just sit pretty but adds a fun foodie touch to any look.

Ravioli Gold Necklace

Celebrate with the Ravioli Gold Necklace how far you’ve come to where you are today as life can sometimes be al dente. This locket piece features a petite figaro link chain and intricate details that mimic a ravioli - a fun piece you’ll always reach for this season.

Found Within Puzzle Piece Gold Necklace

The Found Within Puzzle Piece Gold Necklace is a reminder that everything you’ve needed has been found within all along. It’s a beautiful and meaningful piece to wear every day or gift to a friend, plus it features constellation elements on one side, and the phrase ‘found within’ on the other.

Cafe W+Co Ice Cream Gold Necklace & Cafe W+Co Sundae Cup Gold Necklace

Celebrate the sweetness of inner youth and joy with the Cafe W+Co Ice Cream & Sundae Cup Necklaces. Petite yet intricate pieces that feature ice-cream scoop and swirl adorned with cubic zirconia crystals and hand-painted with enamel details. The best part is the hidden locket, which pops open from under the ice-cream scoop!

A Slice of Zen Orange Gold Necklace

Zest up your look by soaking in life itself with A Slice of Zen Orange Gold Necklace. This keepsake piece features a quarter-sliced pendant that is designed with the essence of an actual orange slice, consciously crafted with a beaded chain for the perfect layered look. The orange slice opens up to reveal the inscription “a slice of zen”, as a reminder to stay grounded and go at ease through our days.

Dumpling Gold Necklace

Bring prosperity with you wherever you go with our Dumpling Gold Necklace. This piece has intricate details from the pleats of the dumpling wrap to the surprise within - open the locket to reveal the phrase ‘lucky’ as a reminder that luck is a state of mind. This design also features a twist chain to elevate any necklace stack.

Dice Gold Necklace

Keep rolling the dice for whatever life throws at you with the Dice Gold Necklace. This 14K gold gilt necklace features a removable dice charm, with multi-pastel falling star-studded motifs, embedded with cubic zirconia crystals, on a unique chain - perfect for necklace layering.

Red Packet Gold Necklace

Get lucky when you open up your Red Packet Gold Necklace, a perfect talisman for good fortune. A one-of-a-kind piece and a true collector’s item to celebrate the Lunar New Year, or a sleek piece to layer with every other day, as a reminder that luck can be a state of mind. Designed with celestial elements, and coral hand-painted enamel detailing to the piece - bringing in good fortune.

Lucky Cat Gold Necklace

A fan favorite, the Lucky Cat Gold Necklace celebrates the heritage of our founder. Reimagining the iconic lucky cat silhouette with a movable tiny paw, this piece isn’t just fun but it also makes a statement for Lunar New Year, and every other day when you would like to spring of luck in your step. It features a lovely chain, cubic zirconia crystals on the cat's collar, and the hand-scripted word ‘lucky’ at the bottom of the piece.


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