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How Did The Iconic Tennis Bracelet Get Its Name?

Gold and silver tennis bracelet | Wanderlust + Co

Have you ever wondered why a bracelet with a row of diamantes is called “tennis” and does it have anything to do with the sport?

 This style of bracelet became notable way back in the 1920s and was known as the ‘diamond line bracelet’. Tennis bracelet however got its iconic name because of champion tennis player, Chris Evert. The momentous event occurred during the 1978 U.S. Open Tennis Championships, where she lost her diamond bracelet in the middle of the match and halted the game so she could search for her missing bracelet. Fortunately, she was able to recover her lucky charm and the rest was history.

Top to bottom: Enamel Charm Pave 14K Gold Vermeil Tennis Bracelet | Heart Bezel 14K Gold Vermeil Tennis Bracelet | Pave Link Chain 14K Gold Vermeil Tennis Bracelet

Chris Evert has too been widely known to have an impeccable taste in jewelry styling as she was always seen with timeless fine gems on the court - talk about jewels to live in. The tennis of today has expanded to a variety of styles and brands from fine to affordable which makes this timeless style so accessible to everyone.

Wristwear: Classic 14K Gold Vermeil Bangle | Pave 18K Gold Vermeil Oval Floral Tennis Bracelet
Rings: Moon Phases Gold Ring | Sunseeker Horizon 14K Gold Vermeil Ring Set

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a quality piece of classic jewelry you never need to take off. Here’s your sign to visit our tennis collection featuring the best selling Pave 18K Gold Vermeil Tennis Bracelet - now available in both gold and silver! Plus, more exclusive tennis designs to wear 24/7.

Left to right: Chunky Curb Gold Chain Bracelet | Heart Bezel 14K Gold Vermeil Tennis Bracelet




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