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Three Ways To Style Aura Energy Gemstones

Three Ways To Style Aura Energy Gemstones

Looking to add some colors into your everyday stack? W+Co’s Aura Energy Gemstones would be the perfect addition to your collection - plus, it’s shower-safe!

Some believe that people radiate certain energy that will enhance one’s mood. Made out of natural gemstones, our Aura Energy Gems serve different purposes with each gemstone:

Let your aura shine by styling these gems for:

A pop of color


Timeless elegance

Boho chic styling

    Some tips and tricks on how to style them:

    #Tip 1: 

    Style our Aventurine gems with your current gold bracelets for extra luck! Best to wear it if you have a big day as it’ll help to channel your creativity.

    #Tip 2: 

    If you’re more of a silver girl, Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz would be a perfect fit for you! Our silver pieces are versatile enough for you to style them with the dark and light moonstones.

    #Tip 3: 

    You’ve planned for a relaxing day out. Wear the Beryl Moonstone Gold Beaded Necklace as a choker and pair it with larger pendants for a laid-back but put together look!

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    We can't wait to see you style them

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