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Meet Manisha and her mum, Indrani

Highlighting the unbreakable bond between a child and her parent, Manisha shared that her mom, Indrani, has always been her biggest inspiration, in terms of health, creativity, spirituality, family and much more.


On the most meaningful form of support that she's received, Manisha shares, "For me it’s my parents - they’re the strong, loving, supportive backbone in my life. Most of my awesomeness is honestly thanks to their understanding and of course, their blessings."


Sharing her experience as a cancer survivor, and the unwavering strength that has supported her and her family across the years, Indrani describes that her "Faith in God" has always been a pillar of support in her journey of Becoming.

"Light will always find its way into my life as I am capable of anything. Today is a gift and I will live in love and hope for magical days ahead."

- An affirmation inspired by the Selene Goddess Gold Necklace, worn by Indrani

Discover their jewels

Manisha wears the Asteria Goddess Gold Necklace, whilst Indrani wears the Selene Goddess Luna Gold Necklace

Asteria Goddess Gold Necklace

Asteria is the goddess of falling stars. Like the stars, her beauty was said to be radiant. The Asteria Goddess Gold Necklace features a circular pendant with the Asteria goddess in its centre, and a falling star enamel hand painting surrounding the pendant. Wear the Asteria Goddess Necklace as a reminder of self transformation and to rise to a better tomorrow.


Selene Goddess Luna Gold Necklace

Selene is the goddess of the moon, and was said to bring light to the sky. The Selene Goddess Luna Gold Necklace features a moon phase cut out and an embellished falling star motif. The necklace also features a crescent moon charm on the brand’s standard chain necklace. Wear the Selene Goddess Necklace as a reminder to seek love and live in hope for magical days ahead.