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Meet best friends, Alyssa and Amanda

Best friends for 19 years and counting, the most important things that have kept Alyssa and Amanda’s bond strong throughout the years is making sure to be present and to celebrate every single milestone together, despite often being separated by distance.


On this year's International Women's Day theme #BreaktheBias, Alyssa shares, "I think the world will be beautiful because we’re allowed to make our own decisions"


On the topic of Becoming, and also on this year's IWD theme, Amanda adds, "it will be really empowering for us to be able to make our own lives for ourselves"

"I am worthy of new beginnings and good things coming my way. I will attract the right energies and opportunities for me to pursue my dreams."

- An affirmation inspired by the Gaia Goddess Navy & Gold Necklace, worn by Amanda

Discover their jewels

Alyssa wears the Antheia Goddess Sunlit Gold Necklace, whilst Amanda wears the Gaia Goddess Navy & Gold Necklace.

Antheia Goddess Sunlit Gold Necklace

Antheia is the goddess of nature and blossoms. She stood for trust, friendship, community and love. The Antheia Goddess Sunlit Gold Necklace features an irregular shaped pendant with a goddess etched, strung on a petite harper chain necklace. Wear the Antheia Goddess Necklace as a reminder to embody grace and kindness as we journey along.


Gaia Goddess Navy & Gold Necklace

Gaia is the goddess of the earth. A personification of our planet, Gaia represents femininity and new beginnings. The Gaia Goddess Navy & Gold Necklace features a hexagon shaped pendant, lined with navy enamel detailing, making this piece a truly unique one. Wear the Gaia Goddess Necklace as a focal point to pursue your dreams.