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9 friends of the brand share their #30daysofWCO

Meet Amy, Att, Elyza, Iman, Jodie, Julie, Kylie, Noriana, and Ying. Hear their real-life stories and how these demi-fine pieces fit into their everyday lives - from work to yoga, swimming, motherhood, the gym, and more.

Join us as we explore the symbolism of
jewelry you never need to take off


TV producer turned digital editor

“Everyone's been asking where I got these basics from and honestly I was half expecting it to break because I'm usually such a clumsy person! But I've been wearing them for the past 30 days and they just exceed my expectations - the plating is gorgeous and untarnished!“

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yogi / entrepreneur

“Being a yoga teacher, I don’t get glammed up often, so naturally, I gravitate towards pieces that are delicate and make me feel good on the mat. I also love pretty and classic jewelry that can quickly dress up my daily yoga attire!“

Discover Kylie's #30daysofWCO
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makeup artist / social media hijabae

“I’ve not taken my bracelet off in the last 30 days - I’ve worn it to work, to the gym, and I’ve even gone rock climbing in it! It looks just as good as new, I can’t wait for more.”

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PR agency girlboss

“I have sensitive skin...but I love the fact that I can wear my demi-fine necklace with comfort for days! Plus, these luxe pieces are so affordable, I can layer up whenever I want.“

Discover Ying's #30daysofWCO
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model / influencer

“My demi-fine necklace became a part of my daily lifestyle - I would wear it for lunch with my friends, work out in it…definitely my go-to jewelry on my days off!”

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personal assistant / baker / cat-mom

"I've been getting compliments for the pretty little opal pendant on my Drops of Saturn Necklace. I wore it to the beach, tanned and swam in it. Loving the adjustable length which allows me to layer up easily."

Discover Jodie's #30daysofWCO
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entrepreneur / social media maven

“I really put my demi-fine pieces to the test! I’ve showered, slept, cleaned my house and done my skincare routine in it - and it’s holding up so good!”

Discover Julie's #30daysofWCO
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makeup artist / beauty enthusiast

“I wore my demi-fine piece when I went rock climbing, and accidentally put it into the washing machine after - it emerged fine, and looks as good as new!”

Discover Att's #30daysofWCO
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mummy / social entrepreneur

“Juggling between motherhood and my own business, the Starlit necklace has been my go-to piece ever since I got it. It’s dainty and lightweight, and I love how it elevates my look.”

Discover Amy's #30daysofWCO
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