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Meet Jenn and Grandma Low

Our founder, Jenn, credits her grandmother as her biggest cheerleader, and one of her strong pillars of support throughout the years. The core of this campaign stems from Jenn’s belief of focusing on being the most real, authentic version of yourself and breaking the mold of people’s expectations.


On the inspiration behind this campaign and the topic of being your best true self, Jenn shares, "With the rise of social media, there’s a lot of stress and pressure on constantly comparing ourselves with others and what this campaign really means to me is that we should get comfortable with being our true selves".

Grandma Low

For Grandma Low, one thing that she's always encouraged Jenn with is that the key to good health and success is to always look on the bright side of things. "Stay happy and we can succeed at anything we set our mind to."

"I believe that the universe only has good intentions for me. I am a magnet of strength and grace as I balance the ebbs and flows of life."

- An affirmation inspired by the Amphitrite Goddess Gold Necklace, worn by Grandma Low

Discover their jewels

Jenn wears the Give It Time Gold Necklace, whilst Grandma Low wears the Amphitrite Goddess Gold Necklace

Give It Time Gold Mantra Toggle Necklace

The Give It Time Gold Mantra Toggle Necklace features a toggle design on a mismatched necklace chain, giving this piece a slightly edgy look. The mantra ‘Give it time’ is etched on one side of the pendant and ‘Give it space’ is etched on the pendant’s other side. The pendant is hand painted in a pretty sky blue shade, inspired by the blue of the vast blue skies, taking the time you need to pace yourself, one step at a time.


Amphitrite Goddess Gold Necklace

Amphitrite is the goddess of the sea, known to be the female personification of the sea. The Amphitrite Goddess Gold Necklace is a classic necklace designed with a blue gem toggle as an added design feature to the necklace. Wear the Amphitrite Goddess Necklace as a reminder of the strength you carry when you go with the flow of the universe.