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Our Story

Wanderlust + Co is a jewelry label for dreamers and lovers.

By inspired hearts for your daily adventures, each piece is designed to keep your jewel game strong. Celebrating what it means to be a girl in a digital world, we live to create pieces for our bold, forward thinking global audience.

More Than Just Jewels

As a brand and company, we are always seeking for beauty in things. Inspiration is everywhere if we are open to it, wherever we may be. The word Wanderlust stands for the desire to continuously seek and to have a growth mindset. That ethos is reflected in the energy of our unique yet wearable pieces, which serve as a positive daily reminder for the wearer.

Join the #WCOgirlgang and discover adventure in your every day.


Every season, our journey begins with a muse and the energy of what we would like the collection’s story to be. Keeping our eyes and heart open always to new trends, materials, shapes and possibilities, we sketch first on paper, before transforming designs into digital drawings and 3D samples. Confirmed designs go through a product-centric focus group process, where quality and functionality are tested by real people in their every day lives. Once the final pieces are selected for the collection, they are carefully hand-crafted by our artisans.


Wanderlust + Co jewels are crafted of quality brass, free of lead and nickel. Each piece is plated with 14K-24K gold and rhodium, and e-coating to maintain the lustre of the pieces for longer. Often the designs are accented with extra sparkle ranging from glass stones, cubic zirconia gems, ethically sourced opals, and more.


From little things, big things grow...

When Wanderlust + Co was just an idea in my bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, never did I imagine that one day our pieces would travel to jewelry lovers globally. Today, after almost 10 years, our dream and mission is powered by the team based at our global headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Supported by our partners around the world, we are proud to be a female-led, Asia based brand, more committed than ever to the core of our brand story and design process - to make unique yet affordable pieces inspired by intuition and individuality, without sacrificing comfort or quality. We are grateful for our #WCOgirlgang around the world, for inspiring us with their radiant energy, and motivating us to continue growing, with our eyes and heart open always.

Jenn Low
Founder & Managing Director

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