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Why We Wear

Meet Kylie and discover her #30daysofWCO

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Kylie Denis is currently Malaysia-based and runs a boutique yoga studio, Omology Yoga.

On yoga and strength…

“Yoga was never my thing, I had the impression that it’s a little slow and sleepy. After having a knee injury, I took up yoga for rehabilitation and was completely blown away by an arm balance move, called the “crow pose”, that the yoga teacher demonstrated. I thought to myself, “that’s badass, I want to do that!”. I did, and now I’m a yoga convert.”

“Being a yoga teacher, I don’t get glammed up often, so naturally, I gravitate towards pieces that are delicate and make me feel good on the mat. I also love pretty and classic jewelry that can quickly dress up my daily yoga attire!“

- Kylie, on her demi-fine jewelry piece

Her daily mantra…

“My life mantra is to 'go with the flow'. As an entrepreneur, you never really know what you’re going to get and some days can be a little bit more challenging than others. It's a mantra that I can come back to and be at peace with.”

Dancing In the Moonlight Sterling Silver Necklace

Of moonlit nights and starry skies. The ethereal Dancing In the Moonlight Sterling Silver Necklace features natural pearls and petite cubic zirconia stones on 14K gold vermeil setting.

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Milky Way Sterling Silver Earrings

Inspired by orbits and the galaxy, the Milky Way Sterling Silver Earrings features a petite pair of natural pearls and white topaz gemstone, studded on a curved fixture in representation of the constellations.

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