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Why We Wear

Meet Elyza and discover her #30daysofWCO

Elyza Khamil, started her media journey as a TV host for a global network, and is currently the Digital Editor for Harper’s Bazaar, Malaysia.

On jewelry and being on the go…

“My first memory of jewelry has to be ransacking my mom's jewelry box and putting on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that I can find. I would come out looking like a walking jewelry store! Being in fashion, you're on the go all the time, but you also want to look good without thinking too much about it. When Wanderlust + Co finally shared that they were releasing a demi-fine jewellery collection, I was really intrigued and thought why not give it a go. I did and I've been wearing it for the past 30 days doing absolutely everything; sleeping, showering, going to yoga (as much as I can obviously), and doing all my normal life things - you know going to shoots and what not. I’m absolutely loving it.”

“Everyone's been asking where I got these basics from and honestly I was half expecting it to break because I'm usually such a clumsy person! But I've been wearing them for the past 30 days and it's just exceeding my expectations - the plating is gorgeous and untarnished!“

- Elyza, on her demi-fine jewelry piece

On what inspires her and life advice…

“The one piece of advice that I would share with myself a year ago would be to always trust the journey and to never stop chasing light. To have my ideas coming to fruition and turn them into reality, is probably one of the biggest things that inspires me. I am also really grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with (and learn from) movers and shakers of the fashion and beauty industries.”

Drops of Saturn Sterling Silver Bracelet

The Drops of Saturn Sterling Silver Bracelet is a gold vermeil piece featuring four delicate charms, in the shape of a wishing star, crescent moon and the planet Saturn.

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Starry Skies Sterling Silver Necklace

Bring the stars wherever you go. Our celestial Starry Skies Sterling Silver Necklace features a 14K gold vermeil chain with white topaz gemstones in shape of the constellations.

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