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#WCOgirlgang Around the World - Looking Ahead to a Brand New Year with Jenelle Witty

#WCOgirlgang Around the World - Looking Ahead to a Brand New Year with Jenelle Witty
#WCOgirlgang around the world

As the year 2020 comes to a close, Jenelle Witty of @inspiringwit describes the year in 3 words, tell us about the type of content she will be focusing on in the new year and the one piece of jewelry she’d wear all year round! 

What 3 words best describe 2020 for you? 
Hopeful, reflective and calm.




Share with us what you’re most grateful for this year? 
Health and communication. It was such a big shift and knowing my family and friends were safe and informed made all the difference. I'm so grateful for all the little things I overlooked before too. I appreciated more long phone calls! 




What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself? 
That I'm not so afraid to be in one place after all. Though I miss traveling! 




If you could only wear one piece of jewelry for the next year, what piece would it be? 
I think a necklace with a simple pendant charm is what I go back to, even if I don't put anything else on. As long as it is elegant, that is enough. 


Jenelle styles the La Luna Tarot Necklace and Pocketful Pearl Necklace as seen here 


What creative projects can we expect from @inspiringwit this upcoming year? 
I think I'll be planning more video content since that seems to be in demand. It's a shift but I like finding new ways to tell stories. 



Are there any jewelry styles you’d love to experiment with? 
More 80's inspired gold earrings!

Any plans for New Year’s? 
It'll hopefully just involve good music at home and maybe a trip to the beach for a swim during the afternoon.  




If you could send a prayer into the universe for 2021, what would it say? 
I would just send out more love and energy to heal and move forward with hope.

Keep up with Jenelle’s journey on Instagram @inspiringwit




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