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#WCOgirlgang Around the World - Holiday Traditions and the Perfect Christmas Tree with Megan Rae

#WCOgirlgang Around the World - Holiday Traditions and the Perfect Christmas Tree with Megan Rae
#WCOgirlgang around the world

The holidays are synonymous with the traditions that make the season special and this year, Megan of @meganraeoflight tells us all about her family’s Icelandic traditions, her idea of a perfect Christmas tree and the friendship ring she wants to share with her mom for the holidays this year. 


It’s been a challenging year for many people around the world. What do you do to stay optimistic and motivated?
This year has definitely proven to be more challenging especially with being home more and traveling less. I would be lying if I said it’s been easy or I have it all figured out, but having a routine has helped me stay motivated. This doesn’t mean I follow my routine every single morning, you should always be flexible with yourself. First thing in the morning I kiss my boyfriend on the cheek before I get out of bed so that he knows I love him. Then I start brewing my coffee and lay on the couch with a blanket to snuggle with my cat until my coffee is ready. If the weather is nice I grab my coffee to go watch the sunrise and talk with my neighbors before sitting down to go through emails. If the weather isn’t nice I relax a bit longer with Shanti before opening emails on my phone. In the evening I’ve started reading every night before bed and journaling in my Calm the Chaos journal. And every Sunday I treat myself to a bath with Epsom salt or a bath fizzy. Having these little routines make my days feel more productive and leave me feeling a bit more motivated (especially if I make it to sunrise). 




If I start to feel low, spending time outside raises my vibration, and so does a prolonged hug from someone I love.  Being outside during the sunrise and sunset to watch the sky change colors has helped me stay optimistic while also normalizing my sleep cycle. While a walk during the middle of the day lifts my spirits and makes me feel ready to sit back down to work some more. 

What is your favorite holiday season tradition? Is there a new tradition you want to make happen this year? 
The three things I look forward to every year are making Kleinur (Icelandic donuts) at my Amma’s a few days before Christmas, my Amma’s homemade hot chocolate made from the Icelandic chocolate she hides from us until Christmas Eve and this game we play every year before Christmas dinner. The game is also an Icelandic tradition where we are served a rice pudding called Hrísgrjónagrautur before dinner and hidden in one bowl is a peeled almond. Whoever finds the almond is supposed to hide it until everyone is finished and then they win a basket of candy for finding the almond. 

This year I hope to be more involved in some of my boyfriend’s favorite holiday traditions. 

Favorite holiday spread 
The dessert table hahah it’s full of homemade cookies and cakes that are only made during Christmas.



Describe your perfect Christmas tree!
Oh I’ve been thinking about this for a long time since I’ve used my Fiddle Leaf Fig trees as my Christmas tree for the past 3 years. It would 100% be beach themed with white and neutral toned shells as the ornaments, twinkling lights, off white wooden beads as the garland and maybe I can figure out a way to hide some pampas grass in there… the base would be wrapped in a light toned linen and I’m sure my cat would be hiding inside of the tree. 

With health guidelines in place due to the pandemic, how will you be celebrating the holiday season this year?
Thankfully my holiday celebrations won’t be changing much due to the pandemic since most of my family and my boyfriend’s family live in Gulf Breeze and we do all our holiday festivities at home. We are able to walk from my Amma’s house to his parents house which makes splitting up our time easier. Before we drive home we will both be getting tested for covid-19 to be sure we aren’t bringing anything home to our families.

If you could pick a Wanderlust + Co piece for your mom for Christmas, what would it be and why?
I would gift her the Sunseeker Gold Ring Set so we could each wear one half of it like a friendship bracelet.



What are your fav Wanderlust + Co layers to create your perfect holiday party look?
The North Star Gold Necklace with the Always Gold Necklace (or maybe a Space Letter Necklace if I get lucky at Christmas) would be my go-to necklace layers since they can go with every holiday look. 


North Star Necklace as seen on Megan 


Always Gold Necklace


If you could only choose one piece of jewelry for the holiday season, what would it be?
100% my North Star Gold Necklace. It has been my favorite piece since it was released and is such a simple yet elegant necklace to dress up any look.



What are you most looking forward to for the new year?
The feeling of a fresh start. I know you can start fresh at any time but there is something special about setting intentions and reflecting on the year the night before New Years that really makes me feel as if I’m moving into the new year with a refreshed mindset.



Keep up with Megan’s journey on Instagram @meganraeoflight




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