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#WCOgirlgang Around the World - All Things Holiday with Ashley Schuberg

#WCOgirlgang Around the World - All Things Holiday with Ashley Schuberg
#WCOgirlgang around the world

While the holiday season in 2020 might look a little different this year, our team at Wanderlust + Co was excited to catch up with some of our dearest brand friends around the world - from the US to Australia - to learn more about their holiday plans and go-to gift ideas for the upcoming season of giving. 

Meet Ashley Schuberg, one of Australia’s fastest growing influencers in the fashion space. Since the launch of her online presence @miss_gunner in 2015, Ashley has gained high-levels of engagement and respect among the global fashion and lifestyle influencer sphere through her genuine approach and knack of mixing high/low pieces effortlessly.

A long-time friend of the brand, she shares her 2020 learnings, plans for the holiday season and why she loves the Dusk To Dawn Necklace as a gift to her best friend. 

With all going on around the world right now, how are you prioritizing self-care?
I think home life is more important than ever. I value my family and the people I love, more than ever before. I’ve also realised that you don't need much to be truly happy. You can choose to be happy when you are ready to be happy. I spend most of my time working from home so my home environment is so important to me. I love working and waking in a calm space so I try my best to recreate that at home by using my favorite scented candles. New decorations in the house, nice lighting and furnishing makes me feel calm and happy at home. 




As we approach the season of giving, what are you most thankful for this year? 
This year has taught me huge life lessons. At the beginning of Covid, I tried to fight it and tried to plan and control and I realised that sometimes you can't plan and you can't control everything. I learnt to let go and let it be. I learnt that the most important things in my life are people that I love. I'm thankful for all the life lessons I've learnt this year. 

Favorite holiday movie? 

The Holiday! I've seen it that many times! It's a "feel good" movie. 



What is your Christmas shopping style? Careful planning, or eleventh hour rush? 
I'm a very decisive shopper. I know exactly what to get for each person and try to organise this early so it's all done. I don't enjoy rush hour purchases at all!

If you could pick a Wanderlust + Co piece for your best friend for Christmas, what would it be and why? 

I love chunky style necklaces as I find it goes with so many outfits. 



The Reflect XL Curb Chain Necklace goes with every outfit and I love it so much. 



For a gift, I love the Dusk to Dawn Necklace because it's such a beautiful necklace and I love the idea of writing a postcard to yourself. 



The pandemic has encouraged many of us to pause, reflect and be more mindful. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt this year? 
To let go. You can't control everything. I had huge life plans for 2020 and a lot couldn't happen because of Covid, but that doesn't matter because I came out of 2020 so much better and learnt some valuable life lessons.



Go-to holiday jewel style - Bold Earrings or Statement Necklace? 
Definitely a statement necklace. I think it always elevates an outfit. 



What are you most looking forward to for the new year
Traveling!! If we can, I have about 3 overseas weddings lined up and I would love to see all my friends in Europe.

Keep up with Ashley’s journey on Instagram @miss_gunner




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