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Wanderlust + Co is 11! 🎉

Wanderlust + Co is 11! 🎉



From an idea that started in a bedroom in Melbourne, Australia to the wide reaches of our global #WCOgirlgang, Wanderlust + Co turns 11 years old in September 2021, celebrating more than a decade of thoughtful designs and jewelry that are kind to your skin and the planet. Our signature 14K golden layers are loved and styled by some of the world’s most stylish and influential women from Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, to the Jenners and the Hadids. 

Based in the heart of South East Asia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Wanderlust + Co is a D2C brand with heart and purpose, powered by our founder Jenn Low and her predominantly millennial, female team, all passionate about our ethos of celebrating intuition and individuality.

Hand-crafted with care by a select group of production partners and jewelry artisans which are all BSCI certified, each design goes through an internal 30-day wear test before it’s launched and shared with our #WCOgirlgang community. 



Looking back on our 11 year journey, storytelling is at the heart of every new launch or campaign. Founder Jenn Low muses, “When we first launched, Instagram didn’t even exist yet, but we knew from day one that being open about our purpose and sharing our inspirations in a genuine manner, beginning first with the energy of each collection, is what we would love to be most known for.” 

As we journey through our many launches over the last decade, a few stand out. From Out of This World, Reverie, to Wild At Heartand Daylight,each collection features our brand’s signature design voice, of celestial and universe motifs, to intricate etches which always begin from a sketch, right down to hand-painted enamel detailing, as well as meaningful and relatable mantras. 

The visuals created by our team consistently pay homage to our Asian roots, especially evident with our 2019 personalisation jewelry launch, Make It Yours, as a reminder to embrace our unique, individual journeys. 

To mark our tenth year in 2020, Chasing Clouds was introduced in the midst of a global pandemic, sharing a story of togetherness; one community within the universe, under the same stars, moon and clouds, as we stay true to our signature design voice. 


When asked to summarise the journey so far, founder Jenn Low shares, “It’s truly surreal, as a walk back in time reveals some of the brand’s pivotal moments over the last 11 years. From being featured in Oprah Magazine in 2012, to being selected by Vogue Australia in 2013 as an essential jewelry brand for gifting season, our 2017 #WCOgirlgang capsule launch in LA, to embracing omnichannel and going offline with piercing parties and other experiential moments, in our various #WCOpopupshops from Malaysia, Singapore to the Philippines.”



As with every growth journey, we have experienced some pains, which recently came to public light and attention, as we transparently shared our battle with copyright and copycats on our social media channels. “We launched our signature Tarot series in 2019 with La Luna and L’etoile, and this collection brought us a new wave of loyal customers. Seeing our designs replicated is heartbreaking but the support and feedback from our #WCOgirlgang, motivates us to continue to create and be original,” shared Jenn. 

Our Wanderlust + Co team was overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received when the issue surfaced publicly, and received the most genuine reviews; “You can totally see the care and love poured into the necklace design. I’m sorry other companies are knocking you off, but it will never compare to the high quality of the real thing!”, “I bought both my tarot necklaces during the lockdown and it turned out to be such a mood lifter. I love that it doesn’t tarnish easily because I always forget to remove them before a shower”, and even “I find myself reaching for my Le Soleil Necklace without realising, giving me a reminder of hope even in uncertain times like this.



To our #WCOgirlgang, 

Thank you for journeying with us through the years. With your love and support, we remain committed to continue creating designs and jewelry pieces which we hope will inspire you to celebrate the joy in the little things, and progress through rest, self-discovery and being kind to our minds. 

Happy 11th Birthday, Wanderlust + Co!

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