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3 Expert Tips To Mixing Metals

3 Expert Tips To Mixing Metals

Wait, you can mix metals? Why yes, you can! It also happens to be one of the biggest styling trends - you truly get the best of both worlds.

If you’re new to mixing, it’s easier than you think with some simple tips just a scroll away.

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Alternate your gold and silver jewel of the same style to create a seamless balance whilst achieving the interesting metal mix.

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Incorporating pave gemstones into your stack will help create a smooth transition between the metals making it less jarring.

Left: Harper Silver Chain NecklaceEdie Snake Chain Gold Necklace
Right: Chunky Curb Gold Chain Necklace | Heart Silver Locket Necklace


There are so many varieties of chain styles you can layer and truly have fun with it!

We like to to start with two basic chain styles in gold and silver but if you’re feeling like a pro, add on a statement pendant necklace as your longest layer and focus piece.

Most importantly, do what makes you feel and look the best!




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