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Tell Your Story - Drop 2

Tell Your Story - Drop 2


Meet Sun and Moon Phase, the second drop of our 11th anniversary collection, Tell Your Story.



Tell Your Story is bright, colourful and full of joy, embracing body positivity and seeking happiness in the present moment, even as we await what’s to come. The campaign concept and set was designed as a blank canvas, with art and colours painted on as creative expression and reflection of Wanderlust + Co’s pursuit of self-worth layered upon self-love. The visual voice of the campaign expresses the beauty of progress through rest, self-discovery and being kind to our minds.


Zodiac Element Gold Mantra Necklace 

The Zodiac Element Mantra Necklace is inspired by a rotating globe, and features three distinct design elements. The innermost centre of the spinning pendant features moon phases surrounded by the four elements; fire, water, earth and air, hand painted in soft enamel hues of mauve, blue, sage green and ivory. The outermost halo of the pendant is etched with the 12 signs of the zodiac, finished off with the mantra ‘Written in the stars’ on the back of the pendant. This necklace features the classic chain; a tangle-free chain to enable easier layering.



Sun & Moon Phase Blush & Gold Necklace 


Sun & Moon Phase Navy & Gold Necklace 

The Sun & Moon Phase Necklace features the iconic Sunseeker silhouette, and sits on a drop link encrusted with baguette gems. This chunky yet wearable statement piece is finished with hand-painted blush or navy moon phase detailing, above an etching of sun rays. Layer this longer pieces with your every day fine chains. 


Moon Phase Blue & Gold Mantra Necklace 


Moon Phase Taupe & Gold Mantra Necklace 

Etched with the mantra ‘With each moon phase’ behind the pendant, the Moon Phase Mantra Necklace is a framed abstract circular pendant with hand painted blue or taupe enamel detailing. The pendant sits on the brand’s signature Harper Chain Link necklace and features a dangling crescent pendant on its side with constellation of stars detailing. 


Sun Blue & Gold Huggie Earrings 


Sun Ivory & Gold Huggie Earrings 


Sun Peach & Gold Huggie Earrings 

The Sun Peach & Gold Huggie Earrings features a mini Sunseeker pendant on a pair of mismatched huggies style, with one side hand painted in peach enamel and the other in a pave style. Designed with sterling silver posts for more comfort, add this easy-to-layer pair to your curated ear repertoire. 


Moon Phase Ivory & Gold Ring


Moon Phase Mauve & Gold Ring 

If you’re looking for a statement ring, look no further than the Moon Phase Gold Ring, a stunning ring designed in a half circle enamel detailing in ivory or mauve and a half circle pave design. The moon phase detailing signifies the beginning of each new day.




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