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Sky Full of Stars - Drop 2

Sky Full of Stars - Drop 2

Say hello to the second drop of Sky Full of Stars, featuring celestial gold vermeil pendants and zodiac pieces, as the perfect keepsake or gift to a friend.



With the zodiac theme top of mind, Wanderlust + Co’s reimagined zodiac pieces are made for their demi-fine category, wearable beyond the trend. Jewelry that you can do anything in and be worn through the seasons - from work to yoga, swimming or the gym, motherhood spills or anywhere else that life takes you.

This latest release is also the brand’s first Mix and Match series, which allows you to shop pendants separate from its chain necklaces, making the demi-fine experience truly customizable. Purchase a pendant as an add-on to your current favorite necklace, or purchase two pendants to layer on a necklace of your choice.


Moonlight Pave 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant
A classic circular gold vermeil pendant, designed with a crescent moon embellished with white topaz gems. The pendant also features two falling star motifs. 


Jupiter Pave 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant
The Jupiter pendant just might become a favourite in your jewelry collection. Easy to pair, its halo is encrusted with whte topaz gems that surround the smooth round planet pendant. 


Spinning Heart 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant 
Fans of the Always Necklace will recognise this pendant piece, redesigned in a demi-fine upgrade. The rotating heart shaped pendant is designed with falling star motifs for an extra sparkle. 


Heart 14K Gold Vermeil Locket Pendant

The Heart Locket Pendant features an updated heart silhouette with a white topaz gem that sits right in its centre. The locket opens up, allowing you to keep a photo or note within, so this is perfect as a keepsake or gift to a loved one. 


Moonlight Pave 14K Gold Vermeil Signet Ring
The Moonlight Pave Signet Ring is a classic ring piece any jewel lover will love to have in their collection. Designed with a topaz crescent moon, this piece is one you’ll come back to time and time again.


Unlock Magic 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant 
Designed in a sleek gold vermeil finish, the Unlock Magic Pendant is a lock pendant with two falling star motifs embellished with white topaz gems within. 


Universe Key 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant 
The Universe Key Pendant features a mix of mini celestial elements engraved onto the pendant, with a larger falling star motif in its centre. 


Sky Full of Stars Topaz 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant
A key piece from the collection is the Sky Full of Stars Pendant, designed in navy, blush, yellow or white topaz gems. This eye-catching piece features a sleek crescent shape pendant, designed with stars and gemstones that form a halo around the crescent pendant, revealing a unique yet wearable shape and finish. 


Zodiac Enamel 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant
The hero pendant from the collection is the Zodiac Enamel Pendant series, which features a sleek 14K gold vermeil oval pendant, with intricate enamel detailing usually reserved for fine jewelry pieces. Each zodiac illustration is hand sketched and transposed onto the pendant design, and features its associated element: fire, earth, air, or water. The hand-painted enamel colours on each Zodiac pendant represents its element and symbolizes different aspects of nature. 


Each pendant is surrounded by a halo of textured black etching and looks best styled with the Zodiac Mother of Pearl pendant, strung onto your necklace chain of choice, from the Sky Full of Stars series. 


Zodiac Mother of Pearl 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant 
The Zodiac Mother of Pearl 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant features a slice of the iridescent mother-of-pearl, a natural luminescent material found in oyster shells. Its round pendant is traced with a twisted textured rope silhouette and features the zodiac symbol in a sleek and smooth finish. This sustainably crafted piece has a luster that will shine in every look and layer well with the Zodiac Enamel Pendant. 


Attach one or more of your favorite pendant/s from the Sky Full of Stars series to your 14K gold chain necklace of choice. 


14K Gold Vermeil Classic Chain Necklace

A classic 14K Gold Vermeil necklace, perfect for everyday. 


14K Gold Vermeil Twist Chain Necklace

If you’re after a unique chain design, the Twist Chain Necklace adds a different flair and shine to your necklace repertoire. 


14K Gold Vermeil Rope Chain Necklace

For a more chunky necklace look, opt for the Rope Chain Necklace which features a thick yet lightweight rope design.



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