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Our 10 Most Coveted Jewels, Now Available for Pre-Order

Our 10 Most Coveted Jewels, Now Available for Pre-Order
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Say hello to our bestselling jewels - pieces you’ve loved the most. 

Sold out within days of launch and now available for pre-order, we’re ecstatic you love them as much as we do! From our iconic tarot necklaces to classic earrings to dress up your lobes, these iconic jewel pieces are sure to elevate your jewel game, deserving a rightful place in your wardrobe. 

Find out when you’ll receive them, by clicking on the piece (or pieces - hey, no judgement!) you’d like to pre-order below. 

These gems are well worth the wait!

Presence Necklace

A bold, statement piece, the Presence Necklace features a round pendant crafted in contrasting day and night scenes, and hand scripted with ‘Today I Am Present’ on the back. One half of the pendant is aptly hand painted in midnight blue enameling and intricately etched with a burst of petite falling star motifs, whilst the other half represents day, with white enameling and sunray etchings.

Universe Necklace

Inspired by vintage art deco, the Universe Necklace is a rotating coin pendant featuring a constellation of falling stars. The back of the pendant is inscribed with the words ‘you are your own universe’.

Curb Chain Gold 17mm Hoop Earrings

Sold out within days of its launch, the Curb Chain 17mm hoops are bound to get you noticed. The edged hoop design adds a contemporary touch to your ensemble while being lightweight.

Tarot Bracelet

A must have for tarot card lovers, the Tarot Bracelet is an extension of our fan-favorite Tarot Necklaces series. Featuring pearlescent amber enamel detailing in a petite circle pendant, the bracelet is designed with two CZ studded falling star motifs on either side of the pendant.

Croissant Gold 15mm Petite Hoop Earrings

Chunky, yet lightweight, these vintage-inspired Croissant Petite Hoop Earrings are the French-girl style addition you never knew you needed in your ear stack collection. Perfect for a night out, these earrings in a braided design are chic, elegant, and on-trend.

Courage Luna Ring

The Courage Luna Ring is part of Wanderlust + Co’s iconic range of signet rings, from the “All Things Are Possible” capsule, from Golden. This piece features a moon etching, hand painted in white enameling.

Chunky Croissant 10mm Huggie Hinge Earrings

The perfect pair to dress up your lobes in an instant. Its intricate rope design adds a vintage vibe, yet is perfect to style in any wardrobe.

Jagged Baguette Gold 8mm Baby Huggie Earrings

The Jagged Baguette Baby Huggie Earrings are crafted with baguette-cut cubic zirconia gems designed in a jagged formation. These petite showstoppers are perfect to style for both day and night.

Pre-order your favorite now.

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