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Organic Pearl Pieces for Your Everyday

Organic Pearl Pieces for Your Everyday

Evolving from the successful release of the first Sea of Light series, Wanderlust + Co introduces a new capsule of organic pearl pieces, designed to transcend trends. Celebrating the art of reset, the lustrous new drop is inspired by our muse who seeks to live with intention, and opens herself up to new beginnings. All the pieces feature pearl accents on their signature 14K gold plated base, as reminders to take check, self-nourish and reflect on our future days. 




The five-piece capsule features a blend of sleek, minimalistic jewel styling and the organic silhouettes of pearls. Lending a breath of fresh air to a classic trend, the pearlescent pieces add instant character to any outfit. Designed for the everyday girl who enjoys introducing the latest trends into her existing repertoire, yet is completely effortless in style.

Kindred Pearl Series 

Very much inspired by the organic shape of pearls and designed in a golden nugget in the same fluid form, the Kindred Pearl series celebrates the organic form of pearls, yet features everyday, wearable pieces.


Kindred Pearl Toggle Necklace


Kindred Pearl Drop Earrings


Kindred Pearl Bracelet


Take Breath Series

The Take Breath series are pieces designed to be statement gems that can still be worn for everyday. 


Take Breath Necklace


Take Breath Pearl Earrings


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