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Meet Le Monde & Le Soleil

Meet Le Monde & Le Soleil

Moved by the global health crisis that has united communities from all parts of the world, Wanderlust + Co introduces a special two-piece capsule, designed to uplift and encourage its #WCOgirlgang, as the world comes together during this time.




Enter Le Monde and Le Soleil, two unique tarot necklaces designed with the intention to authentically translate the unprecedented climate facing our world today. Jewel pieces that celebrate hope and light, the necklaces feature cosmic motifs on the brand’s signature 14K gold plated base, as reminders to reflect and take check before we begin anew again. Each piece is crafted with Wanderlust + Co’s signature recycled brass base, free of nickel, and plated sustainably in 14K gold, as the brand continues to prioritise working only with BSCI certified production partners.

With the launch of Le Soleil and Le Monde, Wanderlust + Co aspires to send a greater message of hope and renewed spirit to communities around the world, through its jewelry. 


Le Soleil Necklace

The Le Soleil Necklace is inspired by joy, optimism, happiness and harmony. The sun motif is hand painted with pink pearlescent enamel, representing good energy, whereas the moonphase in white enamel, symbolises that all things will come full circle, with a beginning and an end. The surrounding star motifs illustrate hope and better times ahead. Wear this piece as an affirmation of positive circumstances, radiating confidence of self as the universe comes together. 


Le Monde Necklace

The Le Monde Necklace was designed to represent a coming together of humanity amidst the recent crisis facing our world. The etched globe icon held by a hand, symbolises global communities standing united for what’s ahead through life’s moments. This piece symbolises a change in time and new possibilities. Wear as a reminder to pause, reflect and take check before we begin anew again. 




To mark the launch of this capsule, Wanderlust + Co is pledging to donate a portion of the sale of the Le Monde Necklace to The Loveland Foundation, an organization that supports Black women and girls looking for therapy as well as provides financial assistance through donations.



As a brand that consists of 95% women, the core of the The Loveland Foundation resonated deeply within us, and our hope is that we can do our part to contribute to their empowering cause.

Join us to support their mission here 




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