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Kaleidoscope - our first lifestyle category

Kaleidoscope - our first lifestyle category

We’re so excited to introduce to you Kaleidoscope - a collection of feel-good lifestyle merchandise that aims to bring fun to everyday objects. 

Kaleidoscope celebrates the good things that remain, and serves as a subtle reminder to dial up our inner-strength and gratitude, through everything the world is going through. Inspired by the belief that we will survive our toughest days, and rest in a better tomorrow, we hope this new category will excite our #WCOgirlgang community as the gifting season approaches. 

Kaleidoscope Bead Kit



The Kaleidoscope Bead Kit is a unique customisable bead kit set which consists not only of tools to fashion a bracelet or necklace, but also a face mask and sunglass chain. Inspired by the “stay home, stay safe” movement, the kit is perfect for those who are feeling crafty and would like to go handsfree with their masks and sunglasses, and not place personal belongings on random surfaces, in efforts to reduce surface contact and bacterial transmission. Customise your own mask chain in happy colours ranging from, hologram, clear white, and different shades of lilac, rose pink, and sky blue. The Kit is the perfect feel-good activity or gift with friends and loved ones.

Kaleidoscope Key Ring Capsule 

The Kaleidoscope Key Ring Capsule is a fun tongue-in-cheek way of dressing up and accessorizing our keys; an everyday object that we reach for time and time again. Select between 4 default designs with the phrases Survived 2020, Stay Home Club, Social Distancing Forever and Never Losing My Keys Again, or choose to custom your own personal message. Perfect as a humorous gift for the holiday season, the Kaleidoscope Key Ring can be customized across 3 default shapes and 16 colours. 

How to customize

Step 1: Choose Shape 

Circle Custom Key Ring Diamond Custom Key Ring Rectangular Custom Key Ring 

Step 2: Choose Colour (pick from 3 different finishings, 13 different colours) 

Step 3: Select Message 

Kaleidoscope Caps & Hats

This capsule features two cap styles - the baseball cap and bucket hat. Select between 4 default designs with the phrases Survived 2020, Self-Love Club, Vibe Check, or choose to custom your own personal message or initials, as a fun gift for a loved one.



The Off-Duty Baseball Cap is crafted from a soft micro suede breathable fabric, suited for both the summer and winter seasons. The cap features an adjustable brass buckle on the back for a gender-neutral fit, and comes in 3 colours - black, sky blue and lilac. 




The Vacay Bucket Hat, on the other hand is made from durable 250gsm canvas cotton, which allows the hat to better hold its shape. The bucket hat also features a double stitched reinforcement around its rim, to allow the wearer to style the brim as they wish. The bucket hat comes in two classic colour options - camel and black. 





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