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Jewelry Trends That Are Now Wardrobe Staples

Jewelry Trends That Are Now Wardrobe Staples

Jewelry is no doubt a true form of expression and style. Every time we need to perk up our outfits, our jewels come to the rescue - they instantly elevate any ensemble! 

In recent years, there have been many jewel trends that eventually became basics in all our jewelry collections. With the ins and outs of different trends, investing in jewelry pieces that are timeless and wearable on a daily basis, is the most ideal way to get the most wear out of your hard-earned money. 

Whether you’re a minimalist who prefers simple jewelry or a maximalist who thrives on bold, multi-coloured pieces, scroll down for some inspo! Bring your style game up a notch with these jewel staples - classic, timeless and well worth a space in your wardrobe. 

Curb Chains

Raise your layering game with the curb chain - one of the most popular types of jewelry. The perfect mix of femme and edgy, the curb chain is an obvious stand-out when layering your golden gems. 


Reflect XL Curb Chain Necklace


Reflect XL Curb Chain Bracelet


Curb Chain Huggie Earrings 


Curb Chain Hoop Earrings


Curb Chain Ear Cuff


Chunky Gold Hoops 

You can trust chunky gold hoops to never go out of style! Chunky enough to make a statement, yet lightweight and comfortable enough to wear on the daily. Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves reaching for these babies with every outfit. 


Chunky Gold Huggie Hinge Earrings 


Chunky Croissant Huggie Hinge Earrings


Croissant Gold Petite Hoop Earrings 


Signet Rings

Traditionally known as the gentlemen’s ring, the signet rings have now become a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe. This style of ring adds a classic finish, can be styled as a statement ring or layered with other slimmer rings. 


Signet Gold Sterling Silver Ring


Petite Stardust Sterling Silver Signet Ring 


Courage Luna Gold Ring


Honor Heart Mantra Ring 


Nameplate Necklaces 

Nameplate necklaces are timeless - every woman needs one! A style which first gained popularity in the 90’s has served as a signifier of identity and pride. It’s a personalized style that is known to be an endearing gift, and popular among some of our favorite fashion personalities.


Nameplate necklace  


Space letter necklace 


Coloured Jewelry 

Nothing adds an unexpected twist to an outfit much like coloured jewelry! Pair these colours according to your wardrobe palette, and style with more simple pieces to add character to your layers. 


Honor Heart Mantra Stud Gold Earrings 


L'Imperatrice Gold Tarot Necklace


To The Stars Gold Necklace 


Affirmation Necklace


Tarot Gold Bracelet


Classic Enamel Huggie Earrings




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