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Jewelry Care 101

Jewelry Care 101

Our hypoallergenic and shower-safe 14K gold plated and vermeil pieces are designed to withstand the daily rigors of modern life and to be worn with love. To keep them the way they are for longer, a bit of TLC goes a long way! Here are 3 simple tips to handle your jewels with care:

#Tip 1: Say NO to chemicals

Avoid contact with harsh chemicals in daily lotions, perfumes, deodorants, and makeup to prevent gradual fading of the plating.

#Tip 2: Clean your jewels

Buff your jewels with our Jewel Polishing Cloth to remove body oils, sweat or residue, maintaining the lustre and shine of your favorite pieces.

*Note: Our polishing cloth is coated with silver wiping powder - effective in removing the oxide layer on your jewel pieces, however, it will not remove any scratches or marks. Be gentle while polishing.


#Tip 3: Keep them cool and dry

Store your jewel pieces in a jewelry box, avoiding exposure to moisture in the air. This prevents gentle color fading of your jewels over time and if your jewels are stored for long periods of time, we recommend cleaning it occasionally to keep oxidation at bay.

We hope these simple tips help to maintain your favorite Wanderlust + Co jewels!

Keep scrolling to discover the new vs. well loved jewels from our very own Team W+Co personal collection! 

Bonus jewelry fact:

Our 14K gold vermeil pieces are made from 925 sterling silver base and a 2.5 microns thick plating of 14K gold which makes them more durable and retains their lustre for longer - jewelry you never need to take off!

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