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How To Curate A Cute Ear Stack

How To Curate A Cute Ear Stack
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The Curated Ear - a major fashion moment that’s here to stay. As its name implies, the ear stack trend is all about layering multiple earrings together for a curated look - “stacking” them up the ear. There are literally no rules when it comes to layering up, it can be styled thematically or kept eclectic for an element of surprise. Question is, just how many piercings does one possibly need?

From classic earlobe piercings to an array of cartilage options, get inspiration to step up your ear game with our piercing guide. 




Luna Hoop Gold Huggie Earrings  
Dusk Gold Pave Huggie Earrings   
Dawn Gold Huggie Earrings  

The series comes with minimal cuffs and star studded ear crawlers that can be easily fastened anywhere on your ear to achieve that multi-pierced look. The best part? No ear piercing needed! A range that is 100% customizable, we recommend stacking up 3 to 5 earrings for that personalized everyday fit. 



Diamante Gold Ear Cuff   
In The Star Gold Ear Cuff   

W + Co Style Tip:
Pair 3 – 5 earrings on one side, starting with a drop earring. Create a stacked look by adorning ear cuffs on your upper ear.










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