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Celebrating you today and everyday

Celebrating you today and everyday | Wanderlust + Co

In honor of this year's International Women's Day, we've just released our newest collection and campaign, Becoming, a celebration of real life, real stories and real people, casting a spotlight on individuals of all ages and walks of life, highlighting their consistent and resilient spirit in their own process of becoming.

The campaign celebrates not only our individual stories, but also the relationships that support us in the process of becoming. Highlighting 10 individuals, Becoming reminds us that building a strong support network, that one can rely on and give back to, is essential to a joyful and fulfilling journey.

Meet the individuals behind Becoming:

Highlighting the unbreakable bond between a child and her parent, Manisha shared that her mom, Indrani, a cancer survivor, has always been her biggest inspiration, in terms of health, creativity, spirituality, family and so much more. As her biggest support system, her parents have always been the strong, loving, supportive backbone in her life, and credits her success to their understanding and blessings throughout the years.

Best friends for 19 years and counting, one of the most important things that keeps Alyssa and Amanda’s bond strong throughout the years is making sure to be present and celebrate every single milestone together, despite often being separated by distance. On their thoughts on this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #BreaktheBias, Alyssa shared, “I think the world will be beautiful because we’re allowed to make our own decisions”, with Amanda adding, “it will be really empowering for us to be able to make our own lives for ourselves”.

Our founder, Jenn, credits her grandmother as her biggest cheerleader, and one of her strong pillars of support throughout the years. The core of this campaign stems from Jenn’s belief of focusing on being the most real, authentic version of yourself and breaking the mold of people’s expectations. As Grandma Low says, the most important thing in life is being able to see the bright side of things through all the highs and lows; and by embracing happiness, we can succeed at anything we set our mind to.

For Siu Lim, being true to yourself and focusing on what makes you happy is one of the most meaningful things you can do for yourself - A mantra that she carries through in her journey as both mom and dad to her 4 beautiful children. Wearing both hats, she’s come to realize that ‘doing your best for yourself and the kids is actually what I should focus on, rather than what other people say or think about me.’

Friends and work partners, Suek Mei and Adrien, have found the perfect balance of harmony in their professional careers and personal lives. To them, respect, trust, togetherness, and celebrating each other’s individuality and talents, whilst always seeing the light of the end of the tunnel, has allowed them to persevere both as individuals, and also as an establishment, and are always there to keep each other’s spirits lifted through the thick and thin.

For Barbara, the meaning of this campaign to her is to encourage the removal of judgmental filters from our head and to see people for their human values, as they are. Being an advocate towards mindful and conscious living, Barbara, now a yoga instructor, discussed her journey of Becoming with us. Starting out in a hectic urban environment, before switching careers, the words that helped her on her journey are ‘self-reflection’, ‘non-possessiveness’ and ‘service to others’ - mantras that she hopes will help others on their path to find their true potential.

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Wishing our #WCOgirlgang a Happy International Women's Day!
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