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Celebrating #WCOturns12 in a tropical getaway ft SKYE

Celebrating #WCOturns12 in a tropical getaway ft SKYE

Having spent our 10th and 11th anniversaries in lockdown, we were thrilled to finally celebrate our 12th anniversary with a fun-filled getaway in tropical Bali with some of our #WCOgirlgang from Malaysia and Australia - as we continue to advocate for female empowerment, strength and togetherness. 

The getaway took place at Noku Beach House, a zen private villa overlooking beautiful beach views, as seen and featured on Netflix. New core memories were unlocked on this trip through fun activities such as surfing, floating breakfasts, massages, private yoga lessons, and even a fun dance party to layer upon 12 years of stories that have walked through our doors - experiences banked in our forever memories.

Our guests were also given a sneak peek of our birthday collection, Skye, inspired by connections between people and communities. A tribute to the important things in life, we wanted to explore and celebrate what connections mean to us as individuals - which was perfectly set in the spiritual energy that is rooted in Bali. Throughout the trip, we celebrated women being soft yet strong, imperfect yet beautiful, and above all, women who never stop believing in themselves.

Our hero pieces from the Skye Collection are the 3 limited-edition necklaces in honor of the countries that have played a part in our growth so far - Australia, USA and Malaysia. To celebrate our 12th anniversary - Australia represents where Wanderlust + Co was originally founded; New York, USA, represents where we first received media love from publications such as Time Out, Teen Vogue, and Oprah Magazine; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is dedicated to our talented and diverse #WCOhq which is almost all-female powered.

Each Wanderlust + Co piece is made from recycled brass, stainless steel and sterling silver bases, coated in 14K gold or rhodium, finished with e-coating for extra lustre and durability. In short, hypoallergenic and lasting in wear - jewels to live in. As a brand, our goal has always been to create intentional and meaningful jewelry inspired by intuition and individuality, and we hope this serves as positive daily reminder to you, our #WCOgirlgang.

Thank you again for being a part of our journey and celebrating #WCOturns12 with us!

Shop SKYE collection (Drop 1 & 2) here.

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