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Be Kind To Your Mind

Be Kind To Your Mind

In an effort to raise awareness surrounding mental health and normalising therapy, Wanderlust + Co has launched Be Kind To Your Mind, a charity initiative along with community partners Naluri and Refuge for the Refugees. The charity project hopes to create a meaningful difference in the lives of women who have suffered PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), through the aid of mental health therapy. Collectively, all three brand partners are collaborating resources to provide access and healing, in hopes of making a difference to the lives of women who are contributing to their communities, and will in turn pay-it-forward by empowering others in a similar path, to speak up and seek help, where needed.

In light of this charity initiative, Wanderlust + Co designed a unique mantra necklace, the Breathe Mantra Necklace, engraved with the mantras, Breathe and You Are Enough, where US$3 from the sale of each necklace will be funded to a therapy fund, for the women who have taken the first step, to speak up and seek help.

The team at Naluri is generously offering a rebate therapy rate and facilitating the sessions with their experienced clinical psychologists, whilst providing a safe and confidential environment for the women. Refuge for The Refugees is contributing to the therapy fund and proactively taking the lead on encouraging their female community leaders to speak up and seek help, through this initiative.

Through this collaboration with like-minded partners such as Naluri and Refuge for the Refugees, Wanderlust + Co hopes to inspire conversations around mental health therapy and the benefits therapy can bring to one’s overall wellbeing.

The Breathe Mantra Necklace is now available on


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