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All New Tarot - Drop 2

All New Tarot - Drop 2

Say hello to 4 more new original 14k gold gilt tarot designs! Our bestselling and fan-fav tarot series got another golden upgrade – now featuring a total of 15 original tarot designs. 




From hand sketches by our W+Co team to the final product – our team takes tremendous care to create original designs that are kind to your skin and the planet. It is our promise to our customers that our jewels are consciously made only by BSCI certified factories, with our signature recycled brass base, 14k gold plating and e-coated. 


Le Chariot Gold Tarot Necklace (The Chariot)

The Le Chariot Necklace represents journey, ambition and confidence. Wear this piece as an encouragement to keep moving forward, and especially through challenging times. The chariot symbolizes the balance we seek between the heart and mind, whereas the hand painted sun enamel detailing in blush, serves as a joyful reminder to place worries aside and be present in the moment. 


La Justice Gold Tarot Necklace (Justice)

The La Justice Necklace represents balance, honesty and integrity. The goddess in the tarot card is designed holding two objects - a scale in one hand to symbolize balance, and a sword in the other to symbolize authenticity and integrity. Wear this piece as a reminder that you are able to juggle all the things you are true to, whilst being present in moments through your day.


Tempérance Gold Tarot Necklace (Temperance)

The Tempérance Necklace represents harmony, patience and moderation. A beautiful crescent moon, hand painted in blush enamel detailing symbolizes your inner calm and the positive perspective you have on your life. The goddess design signifies that you are truly in touch with your true self and your values. Wear this piece as a reminder to keep a calm heart while you reach for your goals. 


La Roue de Fortune Gold Tarot Necklace (Wheel of Fortune)

The La Roue de Fortune Necklace represents luck, change and destiny. The wheel of fortune within the tarot calls for reflection on the ups and downs we experience in life and reminds us to keep a positive spirit. Wear this piece as a reminder to have courage while we move seamlessly through the different seasons in life. 


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