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All New Tarot - Drop 1

All New Tarot - Drop 1

We’re welcoming the new month with the release of eight new tarot necklace designs; the brand’s all-time bestselling range. Inspired by the mystic of the cosmos, the brand’s original tarot series has been designed and produced with care since 2019. Originating from the drawing board and hand sketches of the Wanderlust + Co team, its signature Tarot series features intricate design details delicately etched upon its pendants, a fan-favorite amongst its #WCOgirlgang community.



As D'épée Gold Tarot Necklace (Ace of Swords)

The As D'épée Necklace is inspired by heart, spirit and determination. The Ace of Swords Tarot card illustrates the  ability to use one’s passion for change in the world. The surrounding star and cloud motifs represent the different situations which can pivot into next step ideas in the days to come. The crown is hand painted in blush enamel, representing a turning point to pursue brand new opportunities.


Dix de Coupe Gold Tarot Necklace (Ten of Cups)

The Dix de Coupe Necklace is inspired by happiness, joy and emotional fulfillment. The Ten of Cups Tarot card illustrates a harmonious life. The rainbow, hand painted in soft blue, green and pink enamel detailing is a reminder to listen to your heart and seize opportunities in line with your values and to live all your days to the fullest.


La Papesse Gold Tarot Necklace (The High Priestess)

The La Papesse Necklace is inspired by knowledge, patience and loyalty. This High Priestess Tarot card represents our inner goddess, and encourages the wearer to tap into their unlimited potential from within. The moon phases are hand painted in blush pink enamel detailing as a reminder of growth and new opportunities that come with each new day. 


Le Bateleur Gold Tarot Necklace (The Magician)

The Le Bateleur Necklace is inspired by new beginnings and living to your fullest potential. The Magician Tarot card is designed for those who are ready to tap into the energy that they carry within. The stars and planet motifs represent fresh possibilities. Wear this piece as a reminder to seize every moment and enjoy the adventures along the way. 


Stay tuned for Drop 2, launching July 1st!




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