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Introducing Book Club

Introducing Book Club | Wanderlust + Co

Say hello to Book Club, a collection that’s inspired by love letters on kindness, for your younger and future self. The collection pays tribute to the classic silhouette of a book, as the pieces nod to past nostalgia, and reflects on new energy that the next chapter can bring. 

The year is almost 2022, and Book Club is inspired by letting go of what no longer serves you, holding self-love and care close to your heart, as a reminder to slow down and take check of the possibilities of the future.

The 5-piece locket collection honors our transitional journey; an invitation to celebrate progress and manifest kindness for ourselves and those around us. Just in time for the holidays, each Book Club order comes in a limited edition gift box, with a note card that invites you to reflect, and send a note to your future self, from your 2021 version today. Perfect as a gift for a loved one, or a meaningful treat for yourself, as you reset for the new year to come.


Fans of the brand will be delighted to welcome brand new necklace silhouettes to their collection, with the introduction of book-shaped silhouettes and a vintage trinket-like statement cube pendant - iconic pieces for any jewelry collector! True to our signature design voice, each piece within the collection is finely crafted with the brand’s iconic celestial motifs, hand painted enameling, and scripted mantras designed on 14K gold plated brass pieces, the perfect champagne hue to illuminate a variety of skin tones. 


Story Locket Necklace

Inspired by the transitional journey we are each on, the piece is a reminder to give yourself the space to heal, learn and grow. The locket is designed with an arch that contains the words ‘This is the story of’ whilst the curves etched at the bottom represent a path of someone’s ever-changing journey as they discover themselves. 


Dear Younger Self Locket Necklace 

Inspired by all the things you wish you could tell your younger self, this locket necklace takes after the iconic silhouette of a classic book, and features hand painted taupe enamel on the cover, surrounded by a halo of moon and stars. The locket hangs on a classic box chain, and opens up to reveal the words ‘Dear younger self’. 


Dear Future Self Locket Necklace

A reminder to let go of the expectation of what could be, and to trust in the flow of the universe. The words ‘Dear future self’ inscribed on the front of the locket is a reminder to stay kind to yourself, as you navigate the ins and outs of life. Perfect as an encouraging gift to a loved one. 


Where Hopes and Dreams Live Locket Necklace

Designed in the shape of a petite vintage trinket box, the Where Hopes and Dreams Live Locket Necklace is a representation of a keepsake place you can wear close to your heart.



Moonlit Taupe & Gold Locket Necklace

Meet the locket version of our fan favourite Sunseeker necklace - the Moonlit Locket Necklace. A petite locket is a wonderful and unexpected surprise, as the hand painted crescent enamel detailing opens up within the Sunseeker motif.


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